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14th November 2012

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We should go by what is good for the health of all species on Earth and not how much money the project might make for some. It’s crazy to say “listen we have a great way to make money, by causing unwanted destruction that may even poison and kill a few people by doing it.” That is far from environmental justice, in my book.
— Yoko Ono (x)

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14th October 2012

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  • Question: Yoko, I’m putting up some shelves. Should I use glue or nails to attach the wall-mounted brackets?
  • Yoko: Glue will not be good enough. In fact, if you just glue it, you may find that the shelves may drop on you and hurt you. Even if it’s a very powerful glue you are using, nailing is a much better solution.

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26th March 2012

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  • Question: What do you think is the best gift you’ve ever given and have been given?
  • Yoko: Life.

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9th February 2012

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  • Question: Where did you come up with the title “Season of Glass“? What an awesome phrase, not to mention awesome album.
  • Yoko: I thought of the season in which everything was suddenly clear as glass and my heart, so fragile. I realized it through my pain when my husband suddenly passed away.

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3rd February 2012

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  • Question: Have you learned any Martial arts in your lifetime ? Have a Great Weekend !
  • Yoko: I’m good. So you better not come near me… I use chopsticks instead of a sword!

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2nd February 2012

Chat with 6 notes

Yoko has a fabulous deadpan.

  • Question: You like romantic movies? Peace and Love♥ :)
  • Yoko: I like films that are made well. Romantic movies quite often do not meet the standard

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12th January 2012

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Question: What is your favorite New Years Eve memory?

Yoko: Every year of the ones we spent in our apartment in Dakota. We would watch the TV and when the ball fell in Times Square, John carried Sean and all three of us went to our living room called the SKY (another word for it was and is the WHITE ROOM) and John would show Sean the fireworks start in Central Park exactly on midnight. All three of us watched the fireworks until it was over. I remember the faces of both guys shining intently, mesmerized by the fireworks.

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29th November 2011

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  • Question: sex, with lights on or off?
  • Yoko: Depends on the music, the time of day and the partner.

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29th November 2011

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  • Question: what was the different between the original cut piece performance you did in ’65 versus the version you did in ’03?
  • Yoko: The difference was people were much more scared for me in 2003. Sean, who doesn’t come to my performances as much, flew all the way to Paris, and stood on the side of the audience to protect me. That was sweet.. and was one difference from 1965.

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23rd June 2011

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Question: what do you call the moment when a piece of art (music or anything) hits you straight in the heart and inspires you?

Yoko: The moment of eternity.

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